Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You and Promoting

I have seen so many people ask "How do I promote my shop?" Well, it is very simple. I have learned that different places draw different crowds. You may offer something that would appeal to both a young and older audience, but how are you going to get the older audience if your only promoting on myspace? Here are some great ways to promote your shop/shops.

Myspace- Myspace is ok, I have had some people tell me they found me on myspace. But, myspace is going to reach a younger audience. Myspace has groups, search groups and find those that would have members interested in what you offer. And be sure to put your Etsy mini on your myspace page.

Flickr- Flickr is great for promoting. It is filled with tons of groups. But, be safe. Flickr does not allow you to put links to your etsy shop anywhere other than your personal profile.

Yahoo Groups- There are tons of yahoo groups. Like any other groups, search and join groups that your items would apeal to, but don't jump right in and begin promoting. Let people know who you are, otherwise you may be considered spam. Once again, play it safe.

IndiePublic- I love IndiePublic. It is a great place to meet other artist and also promote your work. Search the groups and join those you fit in. Another tip is, if you search "buyer" under members you will find people who are just shoppers as well as those who may want to purchase wholesale. Don't nag them, simply add them as a friend and welcome them to Indie!

Free Directories- There are a lot of yellow page type sites on the internet that you can advertise in for free. Just search the net for "free advertising" and you will be shocked with what you find.

Etsy- Duh. A lot of people don't take advatage of what all Etsy has to offer. My first sale came from chat in Etsy. Get active in the forums. There are a lot of people on Etsy! Your just a needle in a haystack, but if you get avtive more people are likely to find you. Don't be shy, if your having a sale, post it in the promotion forum and bump it back up often so people see it.

Teams- Teams are great! Find a team you fit in and join. Most teams have a website and that means more spotlight for you. Not only are teams a great way to promote, but you will be conecting with people who have something in common with you. Shout out to my wonderful team- Southeastern US Etsy!!!

Vista Print- Vist Print always has something for free! Yes free. Who doesn't love free? I know I do. You can usually get free buisness cards almost anytime on there site. All you do is pay the shipping!