Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Easy How- To

Wow, it seems like it has been forever since I posted a how to. With all this wedding planning going on I've neglected my blog and to my readers I'm so sorry. I will try to post more, I promise. Well the other night I was bored and feeling crafty so I decided to go create something. I didnt have anything in mind until I saw a cardboard box sitting in my bed room on the floor. Here's what I made!
These cute and shabby letters are made to spell out "NEST", because our home is our nest indeed.
I decided to sit them atop this canvas painting of a hydrangea in my craft room.

Here's what you'll need to make these:

acrylic paint
pen or pencil
box cutter (optional)

First, decide how big you want your letters. It's really up to the individual. Mine are about 4 inches tall. Next get your cardboard out and lay it flat on a table. Now draw an outline for your letters. Remember, they need to be block letters in order for this to work. After you have each letter as you want it you can begin to cut them out. You may want to go over your outline with the box cutter to make cutting with the scissors easier. After you have each letter cut out you can then paint them. Mine are painted different colors, but of course you can paint them any color you would like. The bottom of each letter should be flat so they can stand (prop) on something such as a shelf, mantle, window sill, or any other place you would like to put them. You can also make smaller versions to use for scrap booking or make larger ones and embellish them. Be creative and have fun!