Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giveaway! Win This Magnet Set!

In an attempt to show my appreciation to all of my readers I wanted to sponsor a giveaway. Since I made 2 of these magnet sets and have one listed for sale in my Etsy shop I decided to give the other one away. This magnet set is so bright and fun and they're actually pretty big. So here are the details for the giveaway! GOOD LUCK!


1. You must go into my Etsy shop cms36451 and come back here and tell me about your favorite item or what you would like to see more of. This will earn you one entry into the drawing.

2. If you follow my blog this will earn you an additional entry into the drawing.

3. There is absolutely NO PURCHASE necessary. Purchasing an item in either of my shops will not increase your chances of winning.

4. The winner will be chosen by a random generator and will be announced on Sunday Feb. 1st, 2009. I will post the winner here and once I have a reply from him/her I will then mail the magnets.

Have fun and good luck to everyone!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Do You Think?

Hello to all of my fabulous readers! For a while I've been searching for a new layout. Finally, I have found one that I'm pretty content with for the moment. So what do you think about it? I thought the pink and green with hints of grey and white complimented my blog quite nicely. I'm contemplating the idea of a 3 column blog, I'm just not quite sure yet. Sometimes I think the 3 columns are a little too much and somewhat over whelming, then again I kind of like them. I found this great layout at The Cutest Blog On The Block. You can find a link to their site in the top left corner. I've got something exciting for you all tomorrow as a little gesture to show my apprecition to those of you who are dedicated readers. In the mean time tell me what you think of the new layout!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Magnet Set In My Shop

As I'm sure you all know, I'm big on color. Last night I listed a new set of hand painted magnets. Each magnet has been hand painted on the back side of the glass gem and the coated with a non-toxic sealer before the magnet is glued on. Each magnet is between 1-1 1/2 inches. This set includes 1 magnet in each color of lime green, yellow, orange, hot pink, and bright blue. I have 2 of these sets available right now. I will be listing some sweet hand painted magnets that are perfect for Valentine's Day, so look for them soon.

Aren't these bright and fun? They are perfect for your fridge, lockers, magnetic memo board or any other magnetic surface. They are also nice and strong and will hold several papers in place!

Get these before they're gone! They would also make great additions to Easter baskets. It's not that far off!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day Fashion- Get The Look With Handmade

First Lady Michelle Obama looked amazing during the inauguration day festivities in a beautiful lemon-grass colored dress with matching coat. But her inaugural ball gown and jewelry were certainly stunning. I would have liked to seen her in something more form fitting, but the gown she chose was beautiful none the less. And Vice President Bidens' wife, Jill, was stunning in her red gown.

I think the First Lady did a great deed by wearing bangles. Who would have thought that she would wear bangles? Not me, not in a million years. To me, her choice in bangles shows a free, laid back spirit. Well done Mrs. Obama.

Stacked sterling silver bangles are timeless. Get yourself a set in the Etsy shop of ABlondAndATorch. Pair with jeans and a tank or as our First Lady did with a beautiful gown. These go from day to night in a silver, sparkling flash.

You couldn't miss the big bling on the First Lady's hand, but if you did, here it is. This huge, somewhat gaudy, ring set her as far apart from Laura Bush as anything could. It almost looks like a mini UFO on her hand, but who cares? It's stunning.

Get yourself a big ring! For only $13.50 you can have a ring very similar to that worn by our First Lady. What a deal! From the Etsy shop of KimberlyAnns.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

From Yes We Can To Yes We Will!

In honor of tomorrow's Presidential Inauguration I have put together this great feature on some Etsy artist who have related art. Our country has moved forward in a huge way. We've gone from "yes we can" to "yes we will" by electing Barack Obama as our next President of this wonderful country. Here's to remembering where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. I've also included some tributes to the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This great button pendant featuring our President-elect Barack Obama is a wonderful piece of jewelry. All Obama supporter's should get themselves one of these. From the Etsy shop of ButtonDivas.

Hope. A small word with a big meaning. So many before us have hoped and dreamed and never got to see their hopes and dreams come true. But, tomorrow the hopes and dreams of many will happen when our first African-American President is sworn in as President of the United States of America. From the Etsy shop of bluembrownlee.

What a great tee. Express your support to our new President with this great silkscreen tee featuring a picture of Obama. From the Etsy shop of turtlesmilk.

This beautiful sterling silver pendant is from the Etsy shop of onelifejewelry. Featuring the words heard by millions and chanted by huge numbers of Obama supporters, "yes we can", is combined with the innauguration date to form a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Ahh, if only Dr. King could be here with us. He may not be here in bodily form, but there's no doubt in my mind that he isn't with us in spirit. Everything Dr. King said means so much to me. I live out his dream every day in my home. I'm white and my fiance is black and we've brought so many people, including our families, together to see past the color of one's skin. This beutiful quilt is from the Etsy shop of QuiltCats.

This beautiful scrabble tile pendant is from the Etsy shop of thegildedlily. What an amazing piece! It's simply beautiful.

I hope all of you will be watching tomorrow as history is made. It's time we put behind our differences and move forward together as a human race. If you voted for Obama or McCain it doesn't matter anymore. Our country has chosen it's next President and it is our duty as a country to stand behind and support our President. Please pray for Barack and his family as they make this huge transition to the first family.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Style: Rockabilly

I'm infatuated with the rockabilly style. I think it is just so cool. Maybe it's my love for old cars and years gone by that intrigue me. I don't know. I don't own anything rockabilly, but I love it. Crazy, I know. The rockabilly related items on Etsy have some of the best pics on the site. Here's a few items from some great Etsy shops that will put you in the rockabilly mood.

Andyseyecandy on Etsy has some awesome rockabilly and pinup inspired items such as this green deluxe rose hair clip. His photos are also amazing!

This sext yellow pencil skirt inspired by the rockabilly of the 1950's is a must have for the sex kitten in you! Paired nicely with peep-toe pumps and body huging baby blue top this skirt speaks for its self. From the Etsy shop of ZombieKittenO.

I'm sure when the women on Cry Baby came out of their clothes they would have had some of these sweet pasties on. These rose pasties (available in black or red) from the Etsy shop of gothfoxdesigns are sure to get your mans blood pumping to all of the right places.

This wouldn't be a rockabilly post without something featuring Johnny Depp as Cry Baby. This great necklace can be found in the Etsy shop of sweetheartsinner.

And last, but certainly not least is this rockabilly inspired red hair bow. Pin your hair up and add this little red bow for some sexy fun. From the Etsy shop of mylittlerockabilly.

These items are anything but square. Visit these shops today and show them some love. I'm still celebrating my birthday. I'll be going to the club tonight to get on some grey goose vodka and cranberry juice and shoot some pool. I enjoy beating guys asses playing pool while being halfway under the influence and looking sexy. It's a turn on for myself. :) Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday To Me!!

Yay! Today is my birthday. 21 years ago on this date my mother was in labor with me for hours and hours. She knew then I would be stubborn. I didn't want to come out. I'm sure it was nice and warm in there and I was probably sleeping, I enjoy sleeping now. It wasn't until the doctor stood over her and pushed her belly did I pop on out. Thanks moma, I love you! Tonight my parents are taking me out to eat, mom has made me favorite cake (strawberry with strawberry icing), tomorrow my fiance's taking me to the city for dinner and a movie, and then next weekend we will travel to Biloxi, MS for some gambling fun. I'm so excited. I shall sit back and take it all in since never again will I turn 21. Here's to me!

What a shabby little set of birthday cards. I can have my cake and eat it too and I will! This card and tag set can be found in the Etsy shop of fabulousfinds. She's ingenious, telling me I can have my cake and eat it too!

Woop woop! It's time to make some noise! Get any party started with these fun noise makers from the Etsy shop StoriaHome. You've got to go check her shop out, she's also got some great home banners.

With this fun birthday painting from the Etsy shop of jennysbakeshop I could celebrate every day. Why not? I don't see why I couldn't celebrate everyday. Instead of this being just my day it could be my year too!

If I had this chic little birthday hat I would so wear it all over town today. I wouldn't give less than a damn what anyone thought. This sweet little birthday girl hat is from the Etsy shop of ArtfulMstudio.

These cupcakes make me think of my strwberry cake I will be eating tonight and tomorrow and until it's all gone. But guess what? These aren't edible! They're actually cotton candy and mango bath bombs! Yummy scrumptilicious! These and more sweet treats for your body can be found in the Etsy shop of AnitaCraftyCreations.

Well, my birthday is going great so far. My phone has been ringing non stop and the florist just delivered me some beautiful red roses from my daddy. Isn't that so sweet! I put them along side the ones my fiance has given me. I feel so special! 21 years old. Oh my, I'm on way up that hill that my parent's have all ready gone over. Here's to me! That the next 21 years will be better than the last 21! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Etsy Obsession- Banners!

I think banners are going to be a big hit this year. I might be wrong, but I doubt it! Banners can range in style from shabby chic, to vintage, to Holiday themes, to birthdays, and some are just inspirational. These are great strung over a bed, on your mantle, or anywhere that needs a little touch.

What could possibly inspire you more than this beautiful banner? The word create is so delicately placed and decorated onto this chipboard banner. jenniferpriest on Etsy can custom design a banner just like this for you!

Welcome home the newest addition to your family with this beautiful name banner from the Etsy shop of maryhadalittleparty (cute name!). This could be strung anywhere in the home or so preciously over the bed of your little angel.

Ahhh, to dream. Let your imagination flow with some inspiration from this sparkling banner spelling out the word dream. It is made from chipboard and then glittered with german silver glitter. From the Etsy shop of tripletrouble.

Sometimes it's best to just spell it out. Let your Valentine know just how much you love him/her with this sweet little banner from the Etsy shop of LesTissusBows. So simple and sweet.

I hoped you all enjoyed these lovely banners. Tomorrow's post will be themed for me! Lol. It's my birthday tomorrow! Yay! 21. Casino, here I come.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Your Eat On With Etsy

Ok, so Etsy truly does have every thing. Even food. I'm not talking felt play food for the kiddos, I'm talking real dig your teeth in, lick your fingers when your finished food. Since Friday is MY BIRTHDAY and one of my favorite things in life is food I thought this to be an appropriate post. So lick your lips and drool over these tantalizing treats!

They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While that may be true, the other truth is that a woman's heart isn't too far from her stomach either. Nothing will say "kiss me" more than these cookies! These shortbread cookies and more deliciousness can be found in the Etsy shop of lorisplace.

Oh my God! Am I in Heaven? I think I might be! What a delicious looking cupcake. Moist vanilla cake and Thaittian vanilla buttercream frosting come together to make this treat extra scumptious. In the Etsy shop of sugardreamsbakery you can find this and so much sweet goodness. P.S. If you love me, just order me one of these for my birthday. I'll love you back.

Chocolate and cheesecake? This is really becoming to overwhelming right now. It's hard to take all this sweet goodness in. Doesn't this look better than sex? It really does. You cn find these chocolate cheesecake brownies in the Etsy shop of bearsbakedgoods.

Sweet and salty is always a hit with me. I actually love making chocolate covered pretzel sticks, but when it comes to the drizzling it all goes down hill from there. Order 10 covered pretzel sticks from sever96 and pick your choice of toppings for only $10. That's a sweet deal.

When I go to eat Chinese food I love finishing it off with fortune cookies. They are just delish. Now you can indulge with chocolate covered fortune cookies from worthafortune on Etsy. These are so cute and I'm sure the taste won't fail you.

Wow, don't all of these edibles just look so delicious? I would be more than grateful to have any or all of these on my birthday. Now my stomach is growling and my sweet tooth is aching. So visit these great Etsy shops and show them so love. Etsy artist who make edible art go too often unnoticed. So, here's to all of you who make edibles on Etsy! Continue to make people smile and fill our bellies with your homemade goodies! We truly love you.


Don't forget my b'day is Friday. My 21st b'day to be exact. So love me and feed me. I will love more for food.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have A Bright And Happy Weekend

It's finally the weekend! WOOP WOOP! Well, on my end it's pretty drab. The weather is gray and it's so humid outside and it's raining. So, I needed a boost. I decided to do a bright and fun weekend Etsy feature. These things will definitely brighten any day of your week. Add a splash of color to your life! Have fun and enjoy the weekend. Next weekend belongs to me. My b'day is Friday!

glittersniffer on Etsy never fails to bring vibrant colors! These beautiful brightly colored eyeshadows are great for those who just want to have a little fun! Check out her shop for some great makeup!

What a fun lampwork beaded bracelet! This will def. add some cheer to your year! From the Etsy shop of pixiewillow this bracelet will match with so many different things.

I just couldn't resist this. Not only is the tutu too fun, the cutie in the pic just takes all the attention away from this bright and fun tutu. Spoil your little princess with this rainbow tutu from mom2twogals on Etsy.

Aren't these bubble earings just so much fun? And guess what, they're VINTAGE. Yep, straight out of the 80's baby! I absolutley love these, if you knew me, you would say that these earings are so me. Find these and more in the Etsy shop of dahlilafound.

And, from my own shop, these fun martini glasses. Featuring hot pink, lime green, yellow, and orange polka dots these hand painted martini glasses are sure to make any weekend a better one (or atleast the drink you put in them will). Find these and more in my Etsy shop, cms36451 (She's Chic Boutique).

Have fun and be safe this weekend!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Etsy Artist Feature- LoveLeeSoaps

Of course you can find an abundance of soap on Etsy, but is it this sweet? I doubt it. LoveLeeSoaps has some (if not THE) coolest soaps I have ever seen. From caterpillars to poop to icecream cones and everything in between she give soap a fresh new face. These aren't your typical soap bars. We have interviewed Leeana owner of LoveLeeSoaps about some of her faves, her tips for you, and some other interesting questions. With over 3,000 sales her shop is booming and it's easy to see why!

What's your name?
Leeana Provan

Where do you call home?
Daytona Beach, Fl

How did you get started in soap making?
My obsession with soap making started awhile back when me and my mom went to our local craft store. I decided to pick up a soap kit and try it out. I brought it home and immediately fell in love! I made soap as often as I could. I researched and read books which helped me learn more and more.

What is your favorite soap that you make?
My favorite soap that I make is the Sweet Pink Sugar Cupcake Bar because it smells so good!

Who/what inspires you?
I love working with fun shapes and bright colors!

You have some very cool soaps, what is your best seller?
My best seller would have to be the new Blue Bird Nest Soap Set.

Any places other than Etsy where you sell your soap?
Right now I am currently only selling my products on Etsy.

What are your tips for Etsy sellers both the newer ones and the established ones?
Never give up. All things are possible. Its definitely true that when one door closes another one opens but only if you think positive and make it happen. If something is not working, figure out how to change things so it does work. You really have to live and breathe whatever your passion is. You have to think outside the box. Promote in the forums always and keep working on pictures. Also the more you update your shop and relist items, the more attention it will get.

Additional comments: Thank you so much for the interview and I hope everyone likes my
products! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at LoveLeeSoaps [!at]

I would like to thank Leeana for this interview. Her shop is simply amazing. Great pictures, great soaps, and dedication. Thanks Leeana!