Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simply Elegant Pedestal Plate

I would love to introduce everyone to my newest pedestal plate. This is a gorgeous black stoneware plate (not made by me) that has been given a sophisticated upgrade. This plate has been attached to a crystal pedestal. I painted the bottom of the pedestal black to better coordinate with the plate. This would be a lovely addition to your home or as a gift for a friend. This beautiful pedestal plate can be used as a cake plate, pie plate, to display fruit, cupcakes, or anything else you may have in mind. What to do when it's not in use? Simply sit it on your bar and let it do the rest. It is a perfect conversation starter. You don't want hide this in your cabinets when it's not in use, it's to gorgeous for that. Come by my shop on Etsy, She's Chic Boutique and check out all the other pedestal plates and other home decor I have to offer.