Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flying Into A New Year

I am loving the birdie items on Etsy. They are abundant and super cute. If you look too long you just might get addicted. I think I may be! Ugh, every time I turn around I'm addicted to something on Etsy. Does anyone know if there is an Etsy rehab or Etsy Addicts Annonymous? I think there may be a need for one or both....... "Hi my name is Cassie and I'm an Etsy addict, today I'm addicted to birds, tomorrow it will be something else." Enjoy these bird items and I wish you and yours a happy and blessed New Year.

These little birds are so adorable. One can clearly tell they were made with a lot of love and attention. Made of felt and fabric these birdies are individual brooches. Pin one to your favorite top or purse for quick and easy embellishment. These and more lovelies can be found in the Etsy shop of ahyingmui.

These elegant and stylish note cards are perfect for any occasion. Rather it be a simple thank you, a congratulation, or a get well soon, these are sure to delight the receiver. These perfectly perched note cards can be found in the Etsy shop of MonAmiGreetings.

Adorn any room of your home with this sweet little birdie perched high atop his branch. These vinyl wall decal is so chic in detail. The curls of the branch give it the perfect touch of whimsical. This and some fab other vinyl wall decals can be found in the Etsy shop of singlestonestudios.

These birdies fly all day every day. Delicately hand sewn these sweet tweeters come together to make a perfect mobile for your little ones enjoyment. I can't imagine what would be going through a baby's mind as it watches these retro birdies fly above. This can be found in the Etsy shop of babybomb.

Show your needles some love with this chic birdie pincushion. With fabulous details and whimsical flair this birdie pincushion is a must have for the sewing queen. This and other great pincushions can be found in the Etsy shop TheDailyPincushion.

This pendant makes me want to just fly. If only I had wings.... The creator dubs this one the bird and egg pedant. I can't help but think of what a world it would be if we had birds such as this one laying eggs like this. This and some other great beads can be found in the Etsy shop of sssbeads.

Last, but most certainly not least are these adorable birdie hair clips. Made of leather these are sure to last for almost ever. The Etsy shop of BellaTaylor has some very lovely items for the little one's in our lives.

I hope you all have enjoyed these fab birdie items from some wonderful Etsy shops. I had some cute retro birdie magnets for sale in my shop, but they sold almost as soon as I listed them and I've failed to yet make more of them. But, I will in time. I hope where ever you are reading this today you are filled with the spirit of having made it to see the beginning of another year. Remember to be thankful for the one's you love and let's make this year better than the last.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Want To Sponsor A Giveaway?

I am looking for individuals who may be interested in sponsoring a blog giveaway. If you would like to participate please leave a comment here along with your email or if you would prefer to not leave your email you can email me at with "Giveaway" in the subject line. I will send the details after I receive your email. You can then look over the details and let me know if you still wish to participate. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here or in your email to me.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Obsession- Owls on Etsy!

It seems like every time I turn around I see a new addition to someone's shop which includes an owl. I literally mean people are putting owls on any and every thing. So, if you don't have an owl in your shop you might want to add one. I had one in my shop and he sold within just a few days and then I got an order for 3 more of his family members! Below are some of my favorite owl related items from Etsy. Enjoy!

This cute and bright owl may not be what you think. He looks like your average vintage what-not, but it's actually a coin bank. How cute is this?!?! This and more fab finds can be found in the Etsy shop of fabulousmess.

The Etsy shop of sweetCAROLINEvintage is home to some beautiful vintage items. This elegant little own necklace is sure to catch the eye of many. The gold tone and red go beautifully together for a well designed piece.

I am a lover of hoodies. They are so easy to throw on and if it's raining pop up your hood and go. This stylish baby blue hoodie couldn't be better paired with anything than it is with this brown owl on a branch. This and more cool clothing items can be found in the Etsy shop of PrettyRaccoon.

Avon collectors feast your eyes! This adorable vintage owl perfume bottle from Avon is so chic. It would be great nested anywhere in your home. What a conversation piece! Find this owl and more vintage in the Etsy shop of BellaSmiles.

All though the cutie in the picture is cuter than the hat it's still a winner with me. This is one of the cutest hats I have ever seen. Your little one will be a cute hoot in this crochet owl hat. You better run over to Arfeiniel on Etsy and get this before it's gone.

I am in love love love with this pillow! It is so shabby chic and so me! It's big pink eyes and perfectly poised ears are amazing! Check out ManicMuffinTotes on Etsy for this and more!

Every posh baby needs this! This is one of the most adorable onesies I have found on Etsy. This and more can be found in the Etsy shop of perryjayne. Don't miss out on this one!

I am a jewelry lover indeed and I love these! (Ha that rhymed!) Anyway, I love blue, it's one of my favorite colors and these blue owl earings are definitley a favorite of my. Designed by the Etsy shop owner of ktdesignsjewelry these would make anyone happy.

I could add to this list all evening long, but I won't. If you'd like to see more simply log on to Etsy and search for owl in the handmade and vintage categories. All images and shop names link to each shop. Check them out and show them some love!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Minute Handmade Gift Idea- Moss Terrarium

Did you forget Aunt Sally or Great-Auntie Stella? No problem! This quick, easy, and almost FREE Christmas gift is great for a last minute gift. It's also not a bad idea to make a few extra gifts for someone you may have forgotten, but don't recall or someone decides to bring their neighbor along to your holiday festivities. You all know during the holidays you can never tell what could happen especially with those out of town relatives who tend to do the craziest things. Have fun and happy creating! Put a little handmade in someone's life this holiday season!

Terrariums are easy and VERY inexpensive since all of your materials other than the container can be found in nature. I found the tall apothecary jar at a local thrift store for $1 and the other is just a small canning jar I had around the house.

To create a terrarium you will need the following materials:
1. jar
2. small pebbles (just enough to cover the bottom of the jar)
3. soil
4. moss

First, make sure your jar is clean and dry. Loosely place the pebbles in the bottom of the jar, careful not to chunk them in and break something. Make sure your pebbles cover the bottom of the jar, but aren't layered too thick. Next, place about an 1/2"-1" of soil on top of the pebbles. All that is left to do now is to place your moss on top of the the soil. You can layer your moss and tuck smaller pieces into the cracks of the larger pieces. Just experiment with it and decide how you like it. You can also add small things like tiny ferns, just pick one by the root and stick it in a crack around the moss so it's in the soil. You can also add cute miniatures if you can find some or have any on hand. These give the terrariums a sweet little feel.

Caring for your terrarium- Ok you don't have to have a green thumb to keep this a live. Simply water once every week or so with a SMALL amount of water such as a 1/2 tea spoon full. Place the lid on and watch it thrive. If there is a lot of condensation on the inside of the jar then it's probably to damp. Take the top off and let it breathe a little until some of the condensation has gone away. A little condensation is a great thing, it means your terrarium is happy! Have fun with this and ENJOY!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Addition To My Shop

Hi all! I am so excited to share with you all my newest design! I've decided to expand my shop! I love creating, painting, using my imagination, and the thrill of it all. In the near future I plan to add canister sets, coasters, and more to my Etsy shop cms36451 (She's Chic Boutique). Today I added hand painted candlesticks to all of the other fun and festive home decor items in my shop. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Introducing- A Twist Of Lime- Decorative Candlestick. This candlestick is so fun and funky. It adds a little pop to any room. It sort of makes me think of beetle juice for some reason. I didn't paint it with beetle juice in mind, but upon completion I was like "hmm this makes me think of beetle juice". Tony, my fiance, laughed and agreed that it does indeed make one think of beetle juice.

These can be done in a variety of colors, so if you would like a custom candlestick or a set just drop me a line in my Etsy shop or email me at There's no additional cost for custom orders. I love creating and would be more than excited to do any design for you. I've added some items that would be great to use in conjunction with my candlestick.

Wouldn't my candlestick be perfect for these gorgeous lime green wall shelves? Oh my, it would be so loverly! Yes, loveRly. These and some more awesome finds can be found in the Etsy shop of soZealous.

Need a candle or two? Sure you do! Check out the Etsy shop of peaceblossomcandles. She has some great candles that you are sure to love!

Ok, I hate to cut this one short, but I've got some orders to ship! Have a great week!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Gifts For Him

Everyone has a man on their holiday shopping list. Most of us have more than one. No matter his age you are sure to find something below to suit one of the men on your list. From 2 to 62 there is something on Etsy for every man in your life.

This beautiful silk neck tie is great for dads, sons, father-in-laws, and so on. These stripes add a lot of fun to normal sophistication. Check out the Etsy shop of rabbitstop for some great ties.

Every man needs a great wallet. Is your husband the one who loves to read the New York Times or Wall Street Journal? Then this is the wallet for him. This awesome wallet has a unique newsprint design. He will be the envy of his office with this wallet. This can be found in the Etsy shop of kelsdoesntdance.

Does he like an occasional drink? Most guys do. This awesome inferno flask is perfect for the guy who likes a drink every now and then. This flask is perfect for on the go and it's stylish with the flame design. It's even laced up the back in leather. Now that's manly. You can find these and more great gift's in the Etsy shop of PersephonesPause.

What little boy doesn't love a car? Not any that I know of. So many toys these days require a gaming system of some sort. Well, not this one. This is for the little man with lots of imagination. He makes it run, he makes it beep-beep, he makes it vroom vroom. This and more great wooden toys can be found in the Etsy shop of McCoyToys.

Bling bling. It's all about the bling and nothing says bling bling more than this ak-47 necklace. Rob Dyrdek (from mtv's Rob & Big) can be seen sporting sk-47's on his shirts all the time. This great for those guys who like a little excitement in their life. Check out the Etsy shop of NBsCloset for more great neckalces.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great Gifts All For Under $10

It seems like every time we turn around we are hearing of another financial crisis effecting someone we know. Just today my fiance and I went to pick up his pay check (he works at a lumber mill) and upon arriving we noticed the parking lot was almost empty. It turns out they laid a lot of people off. Thank God, he wasn't one. But on Dec. 17 they will close his part until Jan. 7. Everyone is pinching pennies and trying to get by. I have gathered some items from Etsy that make great gifts and are under $10.

This fun and funky little necklace is great for the teenage girl on your list or those who like to have a little fun. This brightly colored rainbow pendant is situated nicely on a strand of white seed beads. This and more great buys can be found in the Etsy shop of cjsdesigns and only cost $2.25!

This is a darling little set of magnets. They are done in Amy Butler fabrics, which are so popular right now and they come in this precious little tin. These will cost you only $6.00 and ca be found in the Etsy shop of redbirdroaddesign.

Got a baby on your list? The Etsy shop of hippillow is for you! She has some adorable onesies appliqued with cute hippos as well as the cutest hippo pillows I have ever seen. The hippilow onesie shown above is a size 9 months and will cost you only $4.00! Nothing in her shop is priced above $6.00. Amazing? I think so.

Any dad, son, father-in-law, uncle and so on will love these. They are indeed for the child at heart. These vroom vroom cufflinks are the perfect gift for any guy on your list. They would coordinate great with a white, blue, or yellow button down. These are only $8.50 and can be found in the Etsy shop of baublesnbows.

Key lime pie and a candle? I must be in Heaven. Everyone loves a great smelling candle! AuntieDis on Etsy is filled with some great candles. This is her key lime pie jar candle which cost only $8.00. Stick this fab candle in a great gift bag, write your giftee's name, sign yours and you are good to go!

I hope this reaches someone who needs it most. I think most of us can all agree that while some of us or someone we know may be having a hard time there is always someone out there much worse than we are. We should be thankful for what we do have and the things that matter most; our family, our health, and our friends. I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you all be blessed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stuff Those Stockings!

The stockings are hung from the chimney with care. Yes, oh yes, they are. Everyone loves to wake up Christmas morning and not only have presents to unwrap, but also stockings stuffed with wonderful things. I sure know I do. The smallest things can often be the ones that get the most usage. So check out these great stocking stuffers offered from some fab Etsy artists!

Are you trying to figure out what this is? It's a fabulous little pocket mirror! Isn't this so cute? This and soooo many more can be found in the Etsy shop of MadisonCraft. This is ideal for pre-teens, teens, and adults. Every lady on your list needs this and it can be purchased for a mere $4.00. Now that's a deal!

Peppermint and soap? Woo hoo! What a great combo. This is a great stocking stuffer for all! This peppermint snowflake soap and so many more soaps can be found in the Etsy shop of LoveLeeSoaps. This is an ideal stocking stuffer at only $3.00

Scrub a dub dub! These are 3 purely organic wash cloths from the Etsy shop of Zummi. These are so gental enough to use on a baby, making them perfect for every member of your family. You get all 3 for $12.50. Give the entire set to one giftee or split them up and have 3 gifts!

Scrabble tile pendants are all the rage! It was hard to pick out just one, but I settled on this simple yet elegant little piece. What makes this so unique is not only it's beautifully placed blue scroll design, but also that it comes hanging in a glass test tube. Isn't that so neat? This and so many more beautiful things can be found in the Etsy shop of littlebluebirdstudios.

Well all hate chapped lips. So make sure your family and friends lips are picture perfect on Christmas day with blueberry blitz lip balm. This lip balm and more can be found in the Etsy shop of bubbletub. These sweet babies will only cost you $3.00. So get them while the getting is good.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Decorating Must Have- Wreaths

Everyone's door is not complete during the holiday season (or any other season if you're like me) without a wreath. Wreath's can be simple, elegant, over the top, bright, shabby, cozy, furry, you get the point. This year I think I'm going to opt for an organza decorated wreath in lime green and red. I browsed Etsy and picked out some of my favorites to share with you all.
This beauty is from the shop of Etsy artist shakewilly. I think she did a (more than) fabulous job choosing the colors for this wreath. Each beautiful pastel ball sits so fitingly exactly in place as if Santa Claus himself put it there.

This elegant beauty is from the shop of Etsy artist slkbaxt64. This wreath is perfect if you love elegant things. It is decorated so lovely with the poinsettias, glistening fruit, and golden leaves. The bow is like the icing on the cake. Only it's not icing and this isn't a cake. :)

The minute I saw the picture of this wreath I fell in love. This is in the Etsy shop thegatherednest. I love the shabby cottage-ish feel of this wreath. The white wreath is something different that you probably won't see hanging on your neighbors door which is what makes this beauty so unique. Ohhh- and all proceeds of this goes to the adoption of 2 children.

Fit gor a king? Maybe, but it's more like knit for a queen. I absolutley love this wreath! Staright out of the Etsy shop of ragstorichesart, this wreath was made with the knitting queen in mind. The knitting needles (actually made from chopsticks) give this spectacular creation it's final touch.

Got a sweet tooth? Most of us do. This sugary gum drop delight is a part of the Etsy shop designcandie. The sugary coated sprakle of the gum drops remind me a of thin frost on a wintery morning. This is so uniuque. I'm speechless.

Upon finding this fabric covered wreath I have began to rethink my previous plan of having an organza wreath. This lovely whimsical wreath can be found in the Etsy shop of HollandFabricHouse. That sweet little birdie is just twirping my name. "Cassie, Cassie, tweet" Do you all hear it?

I hope you all enjoyed looking at these beautiful wreaths as I enjoyed searching for them. Now that you've got some ideas maybe you can decide on this years wreath. If you're not loving the wreath look try a holiday swag for your door. Swags are so similiar to wreaths and add as much or as little detail to your door as you would like.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh, how I love the holiday season. Seeing family that you don't get to see all the time, good food, giving (and receiving) gifts, shopping, decorating, and the craziness of it all! Today we went out shopping for a new Christmas tree. We decided on going non-traditional and getting a white tree. Not to mention, it was pre-lit and on SALE. I can never say no to a sale. Sorry. We also bought new, brightly colored ornaments, ranging in color from lime green to red to silver to bright blue to hot pink and purple. I had to take pictures so everyone else could join in on the joy of our new Christmas tree. So here it is!

Isn't it gorgeous? I think so. I love bright and fun colors and this is definitely both. This tree is so me!!

I had to throw these other two photos in. This is a shabby little shelf in our bathroom. I hung 3 silver snowflakes from it to give it a little holiday cheer. I enjoy seeing holiday reminders around the home. It reminds not only us, but our guest as well that the holiday season has arrived. It is upon us!

Since the set of ornaments I purchased was packed fulll or ornaments I took out a few and decked the lampshade. I thought this coordinated well with the tree and sort of tied the look together.