Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spotlight: Some of my favorite Etsy finds

I have composed a list and pictures of some of my favorite items available exclusively on Etsy.

First is this amazingly gorgeous pair of earings from TheTopCat. They are captivating and have such a romantic feel to them. Wouldn't they be the perfect addition to your little black dress?

This outfit, The GiGi Bow Set In Midwest Modern, is absolutely adorable. It looks like something that you would pay hundreds of dollars for at an upscale Hollywood boutique. But it's much more. It's handmade with more love than any hundred dollar outfit you will ever find. This outfit and simmilar ones can be found in the etsy shop georgiagracedesigns.
This gorgeous dress caught my eye. Was it the plunging v neck or the beautiful cornflower blue? I'm not sure, but I love it. This dress and more can be found in the AvaAmin shop on Etsy.

Ahhh, wall decals. Decals of any sorts are abundant on Etsy. Here I picked 3 of my favorites. The first, The Crystal Chandelier Wall Decal is by singlestonestudios and I love how it is featured on the yellow wall behind a cool couch. The second, Sophia- birds on a branch decal, by Elephannie is so airy and fresh feeling and would be perfect in any room. Last, but most certainly not least, the End Table decal by BadassCustomDecals is amazing! It is perfect for smaller rooms that need "something", but there's no room. Well your in luck, as long as you have walls that is!

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite etsy picks. Of course, I have more. But really there's no room for them all. I mean there is, but I don't think I will take up that much space! If you've never been to Etsy don't walk, but put on your virtual world shoes and RUN to one of these great shops today. Etsy is dif. from other online shopping places, the things here are handmade from the heart, or vintage and sometimes there's only one of an item, so if you like it, love it, want it, you better grab it!


Badass said...

Hey, thanks so much for featuring us! We really appreciate it. :) If you're ever interested in purchasing any of our items, we'd love to offer you 10% off, as a way of saying thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so outta the loop when it comes to blogs and such. I just found out how to leave a comment. *smacks forehead* Either way, this thanks is LOOONG overdue. Better late than never right? Thanks for featuring my blue gown. It has sold, and I hope she loves it. I plan to make a few more in that style soon.