Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wish List

There are so many fabulous things in the world of home decor. Tony and I are only a few short weeks from closing on our new home. I am so excited! I mean I am overly ecstatic! The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath (I know that sucks), a large living room, a nice size kitchen, a large dining room, and a screened in back porch, as well as a front porch. It's a 1958 brick ranch home. I want to incorporate a lot of vintage feel in the house. I know for sure I'm doing the bathroom in a vintage/cottage feel complete with a shabby chic chandelier and my office/studio room is also going to be done in the same style. Both will be done in light blue and white. So, here are some things I am lusting over right now!

I am in love with this coverlet from JCPenny ! Not only am I in love with it, it is my most likely choice. I love the floral and scroll design and the scalloped edges add a beautiful touch to an all ready gorgeous coverlet.

I love this set of matching glass drawer knobs and pulls from The Home Depot. I plan to use these in the bathroom and possibly in the bedroom as well. They are too lovely to pass up


I love these white, vintage, hobnail table lamps from thecherrychic on Etsy. They would be PERFECT in my office/studio room on the vintge windows I am converting into bedside tables.

I also love this vintage milkglass compote bowl. It is VERY high on my wish list. I found this lovely bowl in the shop ACollectibleCachet on Etsy.

This is only a smidget of my wish list, but it gives you a great idea of the look I'm going for. As soon as the keys to our new house are in our hands I will be taking pictures so I can do before and after pics of all the rooms. Look for it soon!