Friday, August 29, 2008

Recent vintage finds!

As you all probably know by now, I have an obsession with anything vintage. I love it and I can't help it, nor do I want to. It started when I was about 10. My aunt and uncle took me with them to an antique auction and I was amazed. There were all these old things from small bottles to huge gorgeous furniture. It was there that a love was born. A love for the old, for things with history, style, beauty, and most of all a story. Everything old has a story. Here are my recent vintage finds.

Along with the rest of my finds below I found these at my local Salvation Army. They are by Corelle and I fell in love with them. I love the simple design and the touch of color around the rims. I only paid $.25 a piece for these. It was a buy I could not pass up. I had originally purchased them to create pedestal plates that I sell in my Etsy shop, She's Chic Boutique, but I've decided to keep them for my personal collection.These cups were another great find. They are vintage coffee cups also by Corelle. They are very heavy which is an added bonus. The gray floral detail gives them a very classy look. I also paid only $.25 a piece for these. They are a great addition to my collection of vintage housewares that I plan to display in a large hutch in the dining room of our new home.

These bowls are my favorite recent find. They are milkglass cereal or soup bowls. The one with the handle is by Glasbake and the other has no markings. They make great additions to my collection and I will treasure them forever. I paid $.5o a piece for these and that was a $1.00 well spent!

The Salvation Army is a great place to find deals and also give back to others. They provide help to people in over 110 countries. Visit a store in your area to find some neat things or better yet, to make a donation of items you no longer need or a donation of money. I also recycle with them. They are often in need of plstic or paper bags to place the items in when someone purchases them. Save some grocery bags and drop them off. Also, if you donate something with monetary value they will give you a tax write-off to use when you file your taxes. There are so many benefits to both you and others when you shop at The Salvation Army, so find one near you and check it out!


Anonymous said...

Love the cups!