Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Ready For Spring!

I just love Spring time. The breezy air, sunshine, birds chirping, flowers blooming, it is all so beautiful. Today in Alabama it was almost 80 and I felt like we skipped Spring and went straight into Summer. Here are some beautiful items from Etsy that are sure to get you in the mood for Spring. I know we all look forward to warmer weather!

This makes me wish I had wings and fly in for a visit. This sweet little bird house has been painted a rustic blue and has a rusty little metal roof. This and more wonderful bird houses can be found in the Etsy shop of baconsquarefarm. She also has some bird house garden stakes I really liked.

I love wind chimes. Just hearing them "sing" with each breeze that passes bring me much joy. The beautiful green glass and copper chimes of this piece go so lovely together. Grab a set today and hang on your porch or in a tree. From the Etsy shop of tskDesign.

Perhaps Spring time makes you want to get outside and get your hands a little dirty. If so you should certainly grab some of these Zinnia seeds and watch your flowers grow. Zinnias make beautiful arrangements. You get 100 seeds for only $2.00 and once you cut some off new ones will come! From the Etsy shop of RathburnSmithFarms.

Of course all of those Zinnias will need some water! So grab yourself an adorable mosaic frog watering can. He is just so cute. I would suggest leaving him out for all to see, unlike those plain watering cans we tend to hide away in the storage shed. From the Etsy shop of artsyphartsy.

No flower bed or flower pot should be without it's own stake. What a lovely stake this is. The beautiful teal and coral colors of this copper stake go so well together. Adorn your garden with one of these lovelies from the Etsy shop of jangeisenGardenArt.

Hungry for more? Sure you are. Forget going to the market for corn, plant your own. I love sweet corn cooked on the grill. It is so yummy! Simply butter it, add a dash of salt and pepper, wrap in foil, and cook on the frill for about 30 minutes. Absolute goodness! Organic sweet corn seeds are from the Etsy shop of HomegrownHealthy. And guess what? This is a PIF, only 20 cents for 25 seeds.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Added!

I have just listed 3 new items in my Etsy shop She's Chic Boutique. Check them out!

This chic fabric covered switch plate cover has been covered in Michael Miller's Dandy Damask fabric. This is great for any room in your home!

This fun and colorful switch plate has been covered in Michael Miller's Carnival Bloom fabric. Fabric covered switch plates are ideal for an easy and inexpensive upgrade to your home.

These magnets are so chic! The back of these glass magnets are covered in Michael Miller's Dandy Damask fabric. These are great for lockers, fridges, magnetic memo boards, and more!

All of these items have FREE shipping for the US and Canada!

Free Shipping

Right now in my Etsy shop She's Chic Boutique (cms36451) I am offering free shipping on select items. Free shipping applies to the US and Canada and is limited to switch plate covers and magnet sets. This is a great deal. Shipping is normally $2-$3 for these items. Take advantage of this great offer while it last.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Exciting News

I like to keep this blog mostly art related, but from time to time I also like to share things that are going on in my life. As some of you know in Sept of 2007 I gave birth to my first child. My baby boy Noah Caiden came into this world via emergency c-section a month early. There was a blood clot in the placenta or umbilical cord, we'll never know for sure which one. Noah was a fighter, but his fight ended at 2 weeks old. As my fiance, my mother, and I looked on our baby left us for Heaven. He got a blood clot and it caused him heart failure. My mother and I have a long history or blood clots and both of us have had almost fatal blood clots. We have a hereditary blood clotting dissorder known as Anti-Thrombin III deficiency. Since Noah's death many many doctors have told me I should never try to conceive again since there's no medicine for what we have other than the standard blood thinners. Well a few days ago the FDA approved a new medicine for our dissorder that will be used for patients with ATIII during surgery and pregnancy. I am beyond excited about this. My moms boss told her and her co-worker to check out something the FDA had released about peanut butter and some how she ended up on the page about the new medicine. I know without a doubt God took her to that page. Of course I will have to sit down and talk to all (and that's a lot) of my doctors about this. But, we have hope again. All of our hope was never gone, but it surely wasn't all there either. I just wanted to share this exciting news with you all. Keep us in your prayers!

Our angel Noah at 2 days old in the NICU.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Addition To My Shop

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start a new week. I recently added some new things in my Etsy shop. I am so pleased to announce the addition of fabric covered switch plate and outlet covers. These are great for any home and any room. They offer a quick home improvement at an inexpensive price. I only 2 available so far, but will be adding more soon. I am accepting custom orders, so if you have a favorite fabric just convo me! Here at the 2 I have done so far.

This is a fun and funky pink leopard print fabric covered switch plate cover. These are great for quick and inexpensive home upgrades.

Why stop at the switch plate cover? Here is the matching outlet cover. These will give any room an instant update.

And below are 3 fabrics I just ordered for switch plate and outlet covers.
This is a very lovely pink damask print fabric by Michael Miller. He never fails to bring us beautiful fabrics. I think this will make for a lovely light switch and outlet cover. I found this in the Etsy shop of HomeGrownPillows and purchased it. I couldn't pass this up.

Another lovely fabric from Michael Miller. This particular print is named Carnival Bloom. If a carnival had flowers growing I'm sure they would look like this. So beautiful! Purchased from the Etsy shop of ModFabric.

I honestly didn't realize all of my fabric purchases today were Michael Miller until this post. Lol. Oh well, shows how beautiful his work is. This is Michael Millers' ChaCha stripes fabric. Once the switch plate and outlet covers are finished in this fabric it will look awesome in a little girl or teens room. This was purchased from the Etsy shop of bluewhimsy.

As I mentioned previously if you would like something custom made for you just convo me on Etsy. I would love to work with you. I will be searching for and purchasing new fabrics so look for new additions soon.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Style: Vintage Love

I've decided to continue each weekend with the "Weekend Style" post. I think it's fun and inspiring as well. So this weekend rather your going to dinner with friends, a movie, the mall, or where ever throw on something vintage! Vintage clothing is beautiful. Here are some of my picks from Etsy.

Aren't these pink ankle boots hot? I think so. Straight out of the 80's, these pink stiletto ankle boots are in great vintage condition. From the Etsy shop of rwinters24, she also has these in blue and yellow!

What a great maxi dress! I love maxi dresses. This citrus orange maxi dress comes to us all the way from the 1960's. The v-neck, piping, and empire dress give it the perfect touches. From the Etsy shop of tialeyvintage.

Pearls are always timeless. This beautiful vintage clutch is covered in beautiful pearls. Perfect for an evening out with your significant other or to dress up those jeans. From the Etsy shop of NinthAvenueVintage.

This big bright green vintage necklace is so awesome. I love vintage jewelry and bright colors and they are both combined in this necklace. From the Etsy shop of NessaLand.

My favorite! I hate showing favoritism, but I am in love with these vintage shades. I have somewhat of a sunglasses fetish. I probably have 15 pair and that's not enough. I put mine on all the time. I have one really big white pair that I wear all the time, even at night sometimes. Lol. These vintage shades are huge and have rhinestones on the sides. So chic! From the Etsy shop of cloudninevintage.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Oh my. So I'm watching the Today show right now and they just showed some Fundies. Have you seen these? They're not you're average underwear. They are actually underwear made for 2 people. They have 4 leg holes and 2 rears, as you can see in the pictures. I mean really people? Theses are apparently being promoted for Valentine's. Hmm.... I don't think my significant other and I will be trying these out, but maybe you like them. Lol.

I'm speechless...........

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Art Of Origami

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a whole lot about Origami. How ever, I do know that it is very delicate and beautiful. I wouldn't mind learning some origami myself. To be able to take a piece of paper and turn it into a bead, flower, butterfly, box or what ever else is a beautiful thing. I didn't realize that there is so much origami on Etsy until I decided to do this post. And the origami jewelry, WOW! Now that is amazing. Enjoy this post and maybe you will be inspired to recycle some old paper scraps or magazines and create some origami!

I absolutely love these! Origami and felt, now that is fabulous. These beautiful earrings are made with 2 felt and 1 origami bead. The sweet green makes me think of Spring and how much I love Spring. These can be found in the Etsy shop of crazeecrafteez for only $12!

What better way to let your Valentine know you love them than these beautiful origami roses. Traditional roses will eventually wilt and die away, but not these. They will last for as long as your love does, or perhaps longer. These can be found in the Etsy shop of uniuni.

This note card set comes complete with rafia bows and it's own origami gift box also adorned with a rafia bow. This makes a great any ocassion gift to have on hand. Perhaps you could give this to a hostess, friend, co worker, or anyone else. I would think it a good idea to have a few of these on hand. This and more can be found in the Etsy shop of pulpfaction.

I just love this! Adorn a book case or shelf with this delicate wall flower. Each petal has been hand folded and glued. You can just see the love that went into this piece. Each petal coordinates so well with the next. This is form the Etsy shop of fahsioncompassion.

These origami butterfly earings are too too cool! Made with Japanese origami paper these earings are fluttering with beauty. Have these dangling from your ears and you are sure to look like a Spring fairy! From the Etsy shop of windtwirler.

These are the perfect addition to your next garden or tea party. Adorn a delicious cupcake with these whimsy paper flower cupcake toppers. For only $12.50 you will get yourselt 10 of these lovelies and you get to choose what colors you want! From the Etsy shop of millalove.

Are you feeling inspired now? If so you can check out the following links with pics, tutorials and more to get you going on an origami journey. Recycle some magazines and get creating!

1. pic. gallery, diagrams, and model database tutorials, history, books, and more offers over 70 tutorials with step by step instructions


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Laissez les bons temps rouler" Let the good times roll!

Mardi Gras season is upon us once again! Oh how I love love love Mardi Gras. The beads, the moon pies, the floats, the revelers, the insanely packed parade routes, it's all great. My favorite Mardi Gras days are Joe Cain Day and Fat Tuesday. They are always slam packed with fun people who are ready to party down and have a great time. In honor of Mardi Gras I compiled this feature of Etsy sellers who have some great Mardi Gras related items. Enjoy and of course laissez les bons temps rouler, let the good times roll!

It just wouldn't be Mardi Gras without a king cake. But this isn't your ordinary king cake. Instead of feeding your hunger try feeding your senses with this delicious king cake soap. If you've never eaten a real king cake, I strongly suggest you find yourself one and indulge. From the Etsy shop of SoapalayaSoaps.

These dangling beauties will definately get you in the spirit for Mardi Gras. Made beautifully with the colors of Mardi Gras these earings can be found in the Etsy shop of Exit31. These are perfect for parade day activities!

Everyone knows if you want the biggest throws or beads at Mardi Gras you might have to show some tata's. So keep your nippies warm at the parade with these beautiful purple sequined pasties with gold tassles. Or suprise your man after a Mardi Gras ball with these! From the Etsy shop of maxineintrousers.

What a fun and festive bracelet! With lots of colorful beads, masks, and even feathers this will set you apart for the crowd. Everyone will have a neck full of beads, but not everyone will have a lavishly adorned wrist! From the Etsy shop of lextrading.

Don't forget the little ladies! They need to be festive too! Adorn your little princess' hair with these cute poof ball clipies from the Etsy shop of HaileysHairClips.

I hope you all enjoyed this feature! I can't wait to go to the Mardi Gras parades in a few weeks. I just love the excitement of it all.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And The Winner Is.........

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Erin! Thanks so much. I will contact you via Etsy to get your address. Thanks to all of you who entered and as followed my blog. This will not be the last giveaway, I promise! I hope you all enjoyed this and had fun entering.