Friday, October 16, 2009

Brand New!

Not only are all of these sellers on Etsy, but they're new and awaiting their first sale. As a seller I know how exciting your first sale is. You never forget it! So I encourage all of my readers to go and check out all of these shops and hopefully help them make that first sale! Best of luck to all of you!

This beautiful feather adorned head wrap is from the Etsy shop of cricketquills. Not only can these beauty be used as a head wrap, but also as a belt and neck corset. Stunning.

This touching image is from the the Etsy shop of forhisgloryphoto. This image shows how much a soldier contributes to his country especially when he doesn't make it home.

This beautiful mapple leaf necklace is from the Etsy shop of FernFronds. This is an actual mapple leaf that has been coated in copper. How amazingly fall is this!

Two sparrows whose nest is built out of love for one another. This charming necklace is from the Etsy shop of EarthenEmbers.


Cloud said...

That head wrap is fabulous!