Monday, October 12, 2009

Fabric Bottom Cadlesticks- An Easy How-To

Hi everyone! Ok, so my new goal for my blog is to bring you more productive post. I don't want this blog to be consumed by my Etsy shop or my new items. So here goes! I made the cutest fabric bottom crystal candlesticks last night. These candlesticks are easy and inexpensive to make. Give them as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming's, hostess gifts, or for any other occasion.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Modge Podge
2. Crystal or glass candlestick
3. Fabric, just enough to cover the bottom so this is great for using scraps. You could also use pretty papers as well.
4.Pen or something for tracing
5. Scissors
6. Sponge brush

First, you're going to start by tracing around the bottom of the candlestick on the fabric. Set your candlestick on top of the design you want and using your pen trace around the bottom until you have a complete circle.

Using your scissors cut out your circle.

Now you are going to turn your candlestick bottom up. Dab the tip of your sponge brush with modge podge and gently apply the modge podge to the bottom rim of the candle stick, make sure you've covered the whole rim. *If your candlestick has a solid base apply the modge podge all over.

You are now ready to place your fabric on the bottom of the candlestick. Lay your fabric circle with the patterned side facing up. Turn your candlestick over and gently place it on the fabric. Be sure to make sure fabric is touching the entire rim. At this point you may need to gently tug the fabric to each side to make sure it's nice and tight.

Finally, apply modge podge all over your fabric using your sponge brush. Don't be scared, lather it on nicely! Place your candlestick bottom up again until it is dry. Once dry you are good to go!

Here's what your finished product should look like! Sorry the pics aren't the BEST, but it is hard to photograph glass, lol. I hope everyone enjoyed this. This would also be a great craft project to do with kids.

Later this week, we will be pulling out the ghost and goblins and giving you some great Halloween tips for decorating, food, and more!


Maria said...

Very cute! Great job on the tutorial.

CassieMarie said...

Thanks so much Maria!

Beth said...

That is such a cool idea! Cute fabric you chose too!

Jasmine said...

cuteness!! That's a craft I haven't seen before.

CassieMarie said...

Thanks so much everyone! It was just one of those late night ideas. Let me know if any of you try it out!