Friday, January 2, 2009

My New Years Resolution

Ok, so here I go again. Another year and the same old resolutions. Every year I make resolutions and I never follow through. Well, this year it's going to be different. Here are my resolutions and I would love to hear what yours are as well. Pendant above can be found in the Etsy shop of lpjewelry.

1.- A resolution to stick to my resolutions. Lol. I'm serious.

2.- Loose weight. Since I had my baby back in 2007 the weight has sort of lingered here keeping me company. Well, I'm tired of it. I want to be back to the size I was before becoming pregnant. The entire time I was pregnant I kept saying "I'm going to loose all this weight as soon as I have my baby." That didn't happen. I think I would have lost it had Noah not passed, but after his death I didn't really care. But, now I do. And I want more than anything to be back to the size I was when my fiance fell in love with me, but I want to do it for myself and I will!

3.- Quit smoking. Blah blah blah. I honestly enjoy smoking. Any smoker knows that smoking is enjoyable to those who do it. I want to quit for health reasons more than anything. My dr's have told me with my blood clots and smoking it's like pouring fuel on an all ready burning fire. If I'm making something I don't smoke, because my studio is smoke free. But if I'm out of there I'm lighting up, a lot. So I shall TRY to quit.

4.- Create more. I love this one and it will be the easiest. I'm going to focus more on my shops and making things. I love creating and I will do it more.

5.-Dedicate more time to advertising. This may sound lame, but yesterday I made my first 125x125 ad. WOO HOO! I couldn't figure it out. I found a free banner maked on the web and finally made an ad. But, not the banner maker isn't working properly and I'm stuck with 1 pretty good ad and 1 not so good ad. Lol. Any and all tips are welcome. :)

6.- Go to church more. I love God and going to church, but I don't go like I should. So, this year I shall change that. I will TRY to go every Sunday and I want to participate and organize more events for our church.

I think that's all. That's enough. I really am going to try to make all of this work. To be honest, I think the one I will fail at is to quit smoking. I don't think I'm ready to quit, but I will make an effort to try. What are your resolutions and how do you make it work? Share them!


Kreated by Kelly said...

*smiles* Best of luck with losing your baby weight. I still blame my baby and he will be 12 in five days. If it helps you feel better, it seriously takes 18 months for a woman's body to physiologically tell itself to get back to normal. It takes that long for your bones and everything to get back into place. I love the pendant!!!

CassieMarie said...

Kelly, thanks! Well, in that case I've got 2more months to go! Lol. I've been doing good so far on my eating better. I will see how it goes. I love your things btw! I was on your blog just the other night.

Coloraddiction said...

What a lovely pendant! Happy New Year!

orangewave said...

i had no idea you had lost a baby. i am so sorry! of course you haven't been motivated to loose the weight! take your time. be gracious with yourself and make sure to work on your mind and heart as much as your body.

i've done the quitting smoking thing and it can be very hard but you CAN do it if you make your mind up. sounds like it would be so good for you to quit in terms of your health so stay motivated and remind yourself that if you quit it just means more time working on all of your lovely homemade things-since you don't smoke in your studio. :)

CassieMarie said...

Yes, my baby boy passed away from blood clots. My mom and I have a hereditary blood clotting disorder and my baby either inherited it or he got it from still having my blood in him after birth. I miss him dearly, every single day. I often wonder what he would look like, be saying, and doing by now. But, I find comfort in knowing he is in God's hands and I will be reunited with him on any given day. That day will be a beautiful one.