Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Your Eat On With Etsy

Ok, so Etsy truly does have every thing. Even food. I'm not talking felt play food for the kiddos, I'm talking real dig your teeth in, lick your fingers when your finished food. Since Friday is MY BIRTHDAY and one of my favorite things in life is food I thought this to be an appropriate post. So lick your lips and drool over these tantalizing treats!

They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While that may be true, the other truth is that a woman's heart isn't too far from her stomach either. Nothing will say "kiss me" more than these cookies! These shortbread cookies and more deliciousness can be found in the Etsy shop of lorisplace.

Oh my God! Am I in Heaven? I think I might be! What a delicious looking cupcake. Moist vanilla cake and Thaittian vanilla buttercream frosting come together to make this treat extra scumptious. In the Etsy shop of sugardreamsbakery you can find this and so much sweet goodness. P.S. If you love me, just order me one of these for my birthday. I'll love you back.

Chocolate and cheesecake? This is really becoming to overwhelming right now. It's hard to take all this sweet goodness in. Doesn't this look better than sex? It really does. You cn find these chocolate cheesecake brownies in the Etsy shop of bearsbakedgoods.

Sweet and salty is always a hit with me. I actually love making chocolate covered pretzel sticks, but when it comes to the drizzling it all goes down hill from there. Order 10 covered pretzel sticks from sever96 and pick your choice of toppings for only $10. That's a sweet deal.

When I go to eat Chinese food I love finishing it off with fortune cookies. They are just delish. Now you can indulge with chocolate covered fortune cookies from worthafortune on Etsy. These are so cute and I'm sure the taste won't fail you.

Wow, don't all of these edibles just look so delicious? I would be more than grateful to have any or all of these on my birthday. Now my stomach is growling and my sweet tooth is aching. So visit these great Etsy shops and show them so love. Etsy artist who make edible art go too often unnoticed. So, here's to all of you who make edibles on Etsy! Continue to make people smile and fill our bellies with your homemade goodies! We truly love you.


Don't forget my b'day is Friday. My 21st b'day to be exact. So love me and feed me. I will love more for food.


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oooh..that chocolate cheesecake. Great blog!

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Whoa!! Those all look delicious!I'm drooling right now!

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what a fabulous post! thank you!!