Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Fab Find!

You all know that I love thrift stores. I really really do. I love the excitement of not knowing what you may find. Of course, thrift shopping has it's off days. You may not find anything, particularly at the end of the week. I would say Friday, Saturday, and Monday's are not good days to go unless it's early on a Friday. Usually, because these are the days that most people go and things are picked over. How ever, during the week is a great time to go. My mom and I decided to check out one of our local thrift stores today and I couldn't be happier with what I found! Here's my find below!

These beautiful green glass compotes are most likely from the 70's. They all have a scalloped rim with a tear drop pattern around the top. I still can't believe I found this set. Of course they were a little dirty, but nothing soap and water couldn't handle. But, what you may not believe is the price I paid for these! The largest one was $3, the medium one $2, and the smallest one was $1! I know, amazing.

Want one for yourself? Check out the Etsy shop of jshanghailil and LaRella who both have one available.


Julie said...

Awesome find! Isn't it fun finding a treasure and getting it cheap? I am addicted to garage sales and get so excited over my finds. I found some amazing deals yesterday and today. I can't wait to clean them up and get them photographed.

Julie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Are you on Flickr? I belong to a group on there that is called Vintage Stuff I found at the thrift Store. It is where you can post your finds and see everyone elses. I love seeing everybody's treasures. You might like joining that group.

CassieMarie said...

Julie- me too! I think you and I would get along great! I am on Flickr. I will have to look that group up. Thanks for the info and let me know when you get your finds posted, I would love to see them!