Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Ready For Spring!

I just love Spring time. The breezy air, sunshine, birds chirping, flowers blooming, it is all so beautiful. Today in Alabama it was almost 80 and I felt like we skipped Spring and went straight into Summer. Here are some beautiful items from Etsy that are sure to get you in the mood for Spring. I know we all look forward to warmer weather!

This makes me wish I had wings and fly in for a visit. This sweet little bird house has been painted a rustic blue and has a rusty little metal roof. This and more wonderful bird houses can be found in the Etsy shop of baconsquarefarm. She also has some bird house garden stakes I really liked.

I love wind chimes. Just hearing them "sing" with each breeze that passes bring me much joy. The beautiful green glass and copper chimes of this piece go so lovely together. Grab a set today and hang on your porch or in a tree. From the Etsy shop of tskDesign.

Perhaps Spring time makes you want to get outside and get your hands a little dirty. If so you should certainly grab some of these Zinnia seeds and watch your flowers grow. Zinnias make beautiful arrangements. You get 100 seeds for only $2.00 and once you cut some off new ones will come! From the Etsy shop of RathburnSmithFarms.

Of course all of those Zinnias will need some water! So grab yourself an adorable mosaic frog watering can. He is just so cute. I would suggest leaving him out for all to see, unlike those plain watering cans we tend to hide away in the storage shed. From the Etsy shop of artsyphartsy.

No flower bed or flower pot should be without it's own stake. What a lovely stake this is. The beautiful teal and coral colors of this copper stake go so well together. Adorn your garden with one of these lovelies from the Etsy shop of jangeisenGardenArt.

Hungry for more? Sure you are. Forget going to the market for corn, plant your own. I love sweet corn cooked on the grill. It is so yummy! Simply butter it, add a dash of salt and pepper, wrap in foil, and cook on the frill for about 30 minutes. Absolute goodness! Organic sweet corn seeds are from the Etsy shop of HomegrownHealthy. And guess what? This is a PIF, only 20 cents for 25 seeds.


Carol said...

Oh I am SO jealous! Here in Ohio we have another snowstorm this morning. Spring, where are you???

CassieMarie said...

Oh no Carol! I am in Alabama and it's been close to the 80's some days lately. The last time we got snow was last year and it wasn't even an inch. I don't care to much for cold weather as I am a water person and prefer the beach or river. Good luck to you in that snow storm!

Sandy said...

21 degrees in Ohio, spring isn't even a thought yet...and you want to skip spring and head into summer...not fare, send warmth please. lol

stop in for a visit, welcome mats always out

Duni said...

I'm waiting desperately for spring to arrive! Please send some sunshine over here! I love the zinnias...

littlepapoose said...

wow this makes me long for springtime!! all snow here.. and cold.
cute little finds though. i love that bird house :)