Monday, October 6, 2008

We have finally moved in our new house!

I am so ecstatic. We are finally in our new home and it feels great. The trailer was all right for starting out, but owning a real house feels amazing. We have had so much fun with painting, decorating, and every thing in between. Moving was horrible! I had no clue we had so much stuff. I don't know where it all came from. Well, I do, but I didn't realize there was so much. I'm almost done unpacking, but I'm still trying to figure out where I want things. My parents bought us the best housewarming gift ever! They bought us a micro suede couch that completely reclines. We love it. I'm on one end now and Tony is on the other sleeping away. Our neighbors are great. One actually came over with the best homemade blueberry pie to welcome us. I was so excited, I didn't know people still did that and I am thankful that I am neighbor's with someone so nice. I haven't taken my after photos yet, but I will try and do that tomorrow. But for now I must go and catch up on some much needed rest.


Chokingonstatic said...

Congrats! I'm glad to hear that you like the new house and your neighbors! :)