Monday, October 19, 2009

Top 10 Etsy Halloween Picks

Ghost and gobblins, tricks and treats, from kids to adults, everyone loves Halloween. I have always loved Halloween and still do! Etsy sellers offer a huge assortment of Halloween related items and I narrowed it down to my favorite 10. It was hard to choose with there being so many amazing things. Rather you're handing out candy, dressing up, horrifying your home, or having a party, there is something here for everyone!

This frightening wreath will be fabulous greeting little ghost at your door. I love how the tiny skulls are nestled upon shiny orange and black tinsel garland and the black bow ties it all together. From the Etsy shop of thechicadeeshop.

Someone show up to your fright night party without a costume? No worries, toss them a vintage mask and they're good to go. This is an awesome (and colorful) assortment of vintage Halloween masks from the Etsy shop of Plantdreaming.

Nothing says "ghost in the house" more than a Ouija board. This is the only real vintage Ouija board I could find on Etsy so grab it before it's gone and talk to those on the other side! From the Etsy shop of lookinglasshouse.

Whose fingers? I don't think we really need to know! If you've got dirty hands, clean them with these scarily fantastic finger soaps from the Etsy shop of ajsweetsoap. These would also make a great hostess gift or door prize!

I absolutely adore this pumpkin hat for any little one. Keep those little heads warm in this hat from KarlenKnits on Etsy. Grab your little one an orange sweat suit and voila, instant costume!

Don't these just look so tasty! Grab yourself a dozen of these Halloween inspired sugar cookies from the Etsy shop of TSCookies. You get two of each of these terrifyingly delicious cookies.

BOO! Sorry, I didn't mean to spook you. Place these fun and festive blocks on a shelve, mantel, or table and help your ghost get his words out! From the Etsy shop of YourCraftyFriends.

I bet those anxious little hands will think twice before grabbing candy from this gruesome bowl. Made to look like a jawbone this ceramic bowl looks amazingly life-like, especially the teeth! From the Etsy shop of MotherMacabre.

Creepy crawly and dangling from your ears, these silver spider earrings look as though they are spinning their webs right from your ears! From the Etsy shop of BeadsInTheBelfry.

Let the ghost know they're welcome at your home by hanging this cheesecloth banner that reads "GHOST". Your mind will have to wonder, is it the breeze blowing this in the wind or something more? You may never know! From the Etsy shop of funkyshique.

Items listed are in no certain order!

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Melissa Clark said...

Thank you for featuring me! Anyone who sees my shop on this blog and wants to purchase gets free shipping on one wreath to the states. This is such a great blog! Thank you!

CassieMarie said...

Oh Melissa thanks so much for offering that to my readers! You are awesome!

Cloud said...

Gorgeous choices right there!

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